surveillance for inventory


Wi-Fi Camera


Highly Customizable

Vision37 is also highly customizable, with a variety of camera modules and lenses available to suit different needs and environments.

Monitor and Manage

With this cutting-edge technology we can easily monitor and manage your stock to increase profitability and avoid unexpected situations.

Inventory Management Process

Vision37 is a comprehensive product that offers a range of features to help store owners and managers streamline their inventory management process.

Never run out of inventory

 real-time shelf status

The Edge Device supports up to 8 Cameras and captures real-time shelf status. Planogram Compliance will provide insight that improves store operations and profitability. Product Placement can be challenging for employees, with the Vision37, its easy to correct misplaced products. Data–driven insights to products on your shelf will improve store operations dramatically. View purchase patterns, high sellers, profitability, and more. We know that maintaining inventory can be challenging especially when you are not at the store all the time. 

Inventory Management Process

One of the key features of Vision37 is its web and mobile app, which allows users to view one or multiple shelves in the store and check the stock level of each item from anywhere. This feature helps users identify which items are running low on stock and need to be ordered or restocked.

Vision37 is an innovative and highly versatile Wi-Fi Camera hardware that brings cutting-edge technology and simplicity to the world of camera surveillance.

Innovative technology designed for easy installation and use, making it an ideal choice for business inventory security needs.

The key feature of Vision37 is its ability to easily mount to a wall or shelve, allowing for optimal camera placement and coverage.

Additionally, it comes with both Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, which enables it to connect to camera modules and the application hosted on AWS cloud.

This powerful combination of hardware and cloud-based software allows for real-time streaming, remote access, and secure storage of video footage.