Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Stock Management system

Aapya Solutions is a Computer Vision AI technology company that helps improve Out of Stock Situation (OOS) and On Shelf Availability (OSA) of products for retailers like convenience stores, grocers, and other retail outlets. 

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How it Works

stock management with real-time information from shelves


Variety of camera modules and lenses  to suit different needs and environments.


Monitor and manage your stock to increase profitability and avoid unexpected situations.


Both Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, which enables it to connect to camera modules

SKU Management

OOS Detection and Prediction of each SKU and location-based analytics.


Provides planogram based on the number of lanes/aisles/shelves to be monitored.

5-Step Onboarding

Process to set-up the monitoring system involves on five steps. 

Ensure Planogram Compliance

Aapya Solutions is the perfect choice for retailers who want to prioritize customer satisfaction. Our services are designed to handle everything for you, giving s peace of mind. You can rest assured that your stock management is in good hands.

customized solution that meets your needs

Improve Store Profitability

Increase Sales

Maintain Inventory

Improves Profitability

Maximize Profits

Monitoring Theft

No upfront costs

Real-time Information

All size businesses

Planogram compliance

OOS Detection

OOS Prediction

SKU misplacement

SKU Demand Analytics

SKU Demand Analytics

Timely payments

No upfront costs

Secure Store Shelves

The company provides services that will ease the burden of real-time stock management which not only enhances consumer experience but also improves store profitability.


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