"Eyes on Shelves"

Real-time Stock Management system to reduce Out-of-Stock Situation (OOS) and improve On Shelf Availability (OSA)of products for retailers.

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Computer Vision AI technology that helps improve Out of Stock Situation (OOS) and On Shelf Availability (OSA) of products.

For retailers like convenience stores, grocers, and other retail outlets.

Innovative Technology

We can sense every move.

We leverage advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze data from various sources, including point-of-sale systems, inventory management systems, and more if they are made available. This allows companies to identify trends and patterns in customer demand, predict future demand, and optimize inventory levels to ensure that retailers always have the right products in stock at the right time. 

Improves Store Profitability

Maintain real-time stock management.

Aapya Solutions is a leading AI technology company that specializes in improving Out of Stock Situation (OOS) and On Shelf Availability (OSA) for retailers of all sizes. Our innovative solutions are designed to help convenience stores, grocers, and other retail outlets manage their inventory in real time, ensuring that they never run out of stock and that their shelves are always fully stocked.

Increase Sales and Maintain Inventory

Enhance the customer experience.

We are fully committed to providing constant and smart surveillance systems for your inventory. We work closely with retailers to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions for stores and retailers that need to improve their theft management directly from their shelves.

With Aapya Solutions, retailers can ease the burden of stock management. So be ready to improve your stock management with real-time information directly from shelves. Now it’s the right moment to increase your profitability by implementing and using our innovative technologies. Welcome to the future!

stock management with real-time information from shelves


Variety of camera modules and lenses  to suit different needs and environments.


Monitor and manage your stock to increase profitability and avoid unexpected situations.


Both Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, which enables it to connect to camera modules

SKU Management

OOS Detection and Prediction of each SKU and location-based analytics.


Provides planogram based on the number of lanes/aisles/shelves to be monitored.

5-Step Onboarding

Process to set-up the monitoring system involves on five steps. 

Ensure Planogram Compliance

Aapya Solutions is the perfect choice for retailers who want to prioritize customer satisfaction. Our services are designed to handle everything for you, giving s peace of mind. You can rest assured that your stock management is in good hands.

revolutionizing the way retailers manage their inventory

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