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The Aapya Solution Team

Ramesh Tirumala | CEO

  • 20 years of experience with successful product development and launch across several verticals.
  • Pioneer with Commercial Kitchen Connectivity.
  • Holds MBA and MSEE.
  • Holds several patents
  • Electronics, Cloud, AI and Software Domains.

Jayasree Tirumala | COO

  • 15 years of experience in the Software industry across several verticals including Motorola, Lucent, Verifone, and currently with Deloitte.
  • Holds B.Tech, M.Tech and MSEE degrees.
  • Experience in Electronics, Telecommunications and Software Domains.

Rob Finley | Partner

  • 30 Year veteran of national and global distribution.
  • Principle, The Hospitality Advisory//strategic consultants in FF and E, OS and E, planning, execution and delivery.
  • Channel expert in lodging, multi-unit restaurants, retail/C-stores

Himanshu Parikh – VP of Engineering Services

  • 25 Years of Experience starting with the computer industry including RadiSys, IBM and most recently in food service with Welblit.
  • Several IoT product launches within Food Service Space working with customers like Starbucks and Chick-fil-A.
  • Education in electrical and communications engineering with BS and MSEE.
  • Extensive background in communications and embedded Software.

customized solution that meets your needs

Improve Store Profitability

The Vision37 is a product recognition technology that uses AI and ML to monitor products in real-time. You can see every move without the customer ever seeing you. The camera can mount easily, displaying multiple shelves in the store at once. You will know the stock level of each item and detect incorrectly placed items. 

Increase Sales

Maintain Inventory

Improves Profitability

Maximize Profits

Monitoring Theft

No upfront costs

Real-time Information

All size businesses

Planogram compliance

OOS Detection

OOS Prediction

SKU misplacement

SKU Demand Analytics

SKU Demand Analytics

Timely payments

No upfront costs


Get started easily.

In conclusion, we’ve explored the five essential steps for setting up a successful AI-driven camera and edge hardware solution. Starting with the setup of the hardware, the training of the products, the AI model tuning, and the validation in-store, all the way to the release of the solution. Each step is critical in achieving the desired performance of the solution and should be taken seriously.Now that you’re aware of the necessary steps for building a successful AI-driven camera and edge hardware solution, we urge you to onboard today and start building your own solution.