real-time insights into Product Placement

Improve your store operations

intuitive technology

identify and correct misplaced products

Real-time insights into Product Placement

Peace of mind on inventory management

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering intuitive technology that can easily monitor inventory, and we are always striving to improve technology each year and keep up with the latest technology trends.

no upfront costs

Vision37 Package

Easily mountable

Wi-Fi Camera hardware

Edge Computer with Wi-Fi

Cellular Capabilities 

Connect to Camera Modules

Application hosted on the AWS cloud


full service monitoring package

Aapya Solutions does this to benefit business owners to maximize profits by monitoring and we are striving to always be an innovative company that is revolutionizing the way retailers manage their inventory.  Our cutting-edge AI technology, combined with our commitment to providing constant surveillance for inventory using intuitive technology and cloud based solutions and support makes us proud and passionate about building new innovative products that will disrupt the industry.

Be Notified

Be notified each time the stock level is going down and action for ordering or stocking more.

Be Alerted

Detection of incorrectly placed items, gaps, and depletion of Stock Holding Units (SKU).


In the palm of your hand, you will be able to see multiple shelves in the store and the stock level of each item.

Gather Data

Provides planogram for compliance.

Vision37 Software Application

Designed to help businesses ensure planogram compliance, detect and predict out-of-stock situations, and manage SKU misplacements. 

Data Analyzation

Provides analytics for SKU demand, which allows businesses to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences.

Flexible and Cost-Effective

The pricing for application services is based on the number of lanes, aisles, or shelves that need to be monitored.


Tailor their product offerings to specific regions or stores, ensuring that they are meeting the needs of their customers in each location.

Location Based

In addition to the SKU demand analytics, Vision37 Software Application also offers location-based product SKU demand analytics. 

This is the solution

Ease the burden of stock management in your retail business

Look no further than Aapya Solutions. Not only do we aim but we succeed in providing Intelligent Vision Systems for Inventory Management. Are you ready to implement the most recent technology that will monitor your stock and help you manage theft, in-store accidents or other related issues?

Stock management with real-time information from shelves

  • SaaS Software as a Service
    Application services are priced based on the number of lanes/aisles/shelves to be monitored
  • Vision37 Software Application for entire set of stores
  • Planogram compliance of  each aisle
  • OOS Detection and Prediction of each SKU
  • SKU misplacement
  • SKU Demand Analytics
  • Location-based product SKU
  • Demand Analytics
  • Monthly, Half-yearly or Yearly payments
  • No upfront costs
  • Additional services are based
    on special requests with pricing proposal.

How the onboarding process works

Process to set-up the monitoring system involves following steps

  1. Setting up camera and Edge Hardware
  2. Training the products
  3. AI Model tuning
  4. Validation in store
  5. Release

Never run out of inventory.

digital eyes on the shelves

With Vision37 you can detect inventory moving up and down. Be alerted and know exactly when to order more of that specific item. This will enhance customer satisfaction and increase your profit margins. Always have what you need in stock with insight of every single item in the store. With SKU analytics you will be able to navigate and predict your inventory through data-driven patterns and real-time information. Always have digital eyes on the shelves in the palm of your hands. Even when it is busy, you will be able to maintain inventory without loosing a single item (or penny).